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Tooled Leather & Upholstered
Solos updated 03/04/19

Leather motorcycle helmets

Leather motorcycle helmets

All Xianleather products are hand made using only the finest leathers From Hermann Oak where tooling is being done as the highest of quality results are desired. From the smallest project to full car interiors, wall hangings, motorcycle seats, clothing, helmets, furniture , saddles and more. Only Hermann Oak, A grade ,#1 pick leather sides are used. I always believed the foundation is where quality begins.

Hand cut kangaroo lace dyed to match is all that's used for lacing and assembly where lace is needed/wanted by the customer. Starting from a heavy cut lace this insures durability, less roll ,and more grip strength as the lace is worked. For hand stitching 3-11 cord twist, waxed Irish linen is used , it holds the stitch and wax perfectly, heat bonds at the stitch joint very well , is available in many colors and is strong enough to hold for generations to come even when used and abused. The highest grade adhesives, and fasteners are used as well, to insure your leather will never fail or need repair in the future.

Seat pans can be sent as is as long as they fairly clean on the bottom. No need to paint of powder coat unless you plan on having the bottom center section visible. Raw metal or fiberglass is best . The entire pan will be covered with a layer of adhesive /leather or felt so no need to put in that extra work. Seat work usually takes 4-5 weeks generally from your appointment date, Sometimes a bit faster. At times it will take longer and Ill advise you of this at the time you make your appointment with me. Its usually best to make the appointment weeks out before your build is done, or when you plan on having final assembly going on. The same applies to all other projects as well, including home furnishings. Booking ahead always works out for the best. I do work alone , from the art work all the way through the finished product so I,m the only one who will be handling your project , no second hand messages to get turned around in the process.

Emailing is best for discussing a project in the beginning, as time moves to the art stage some phone time is also needed. If you prefer to discuss over the phone as well , just give a call, I'm always here in the shop working. When emailing, please send over your ideas, include pictures of the actual piece/ seat pan, what you have in mind, coloring, assembly preferences, etc, etc. It'll give me a good starting point on what the work will require, the amount of time, and allow me to send accurate quotes as well. Feel free to send inquiries at any time and be as specific as you want, there is no such thing as too much information when creating a piece of artwork. The customers input is just as important as the artists work, nothing is impossible with great collaboration!.

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Christian Xian Marsh~

hand made leather goods, leather furniture, leather motocycle helmets, leather home interiors