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Be Good to your leather

Thank you for choosing Xianleather....

All of my products are hand made from the same Grade A #1 saddle leather no matter how big or small your item may be. It does however require a much different care process than other leathers you might be familiar with. I suggest using Pine Pitch Leather Dressing only. You can get Pine Pitch at www.mtpitchblend.com/.

Never Leak is available in a few sizes. Do not use any chemicals or household type cleaners on your leather, it will damage the finish, tooling, and overall feel of your leather. To clean your leather use a quality saddle soap as per instructions always remember to keep any applied moisture even as you can, use a sponge and wipe in even strokes to keep the moisture level even as you are cleaning. Let it dry and buff with a clean clothe. After you clean, apply Pine Pitch as per instructions.

If your leather becomes wet don't worry. If it gets partially wet, wet the entire item making sure the moisture level is even, again with a clean sponge, let it dry, and apply Pine Pitch dressing as per instructions. If it gets soaked, don't force dry it, let it dry on its own, after its dry clean with saddle soap, apply Pine Pitch and you're good to go. After leather gets wet it will darken a little bit. So remember to keep it clean this will minimize any stains or "rings" after its dry.

If it stains, or you spill anything on it that discolors it you can send it back to me and I'll do the best I can to remove the stain. Please don't attempt stain removal yourself.

If you have head breathers that spray alot due to excessive blow by, Fix them, reroute, or tighten up that motor! This oil will land on the right side of your seat and darken it by the time you get home, I don't warranty oil stains from this. After this hot brown oil soaks in, its almost impossible to remove the stain.

If you purchased a bag/belt/ or any type of custom item use the same care and products I have listed above. Saddle leather by nature will darken with age, it will patina to a dark copper color, this is a normal process. If you want to minimize this, cover the seat/ bag/ when not in use, sitting under any shop lights, and sunlight will speed up this process. If you wish to darken it, leave it in the sun and let it do its thing.

If you have any questions about caring for your leather, please feel free to email or call me with any questions you might have at 631-775-0984


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